(I) Suppliers are advised to review relevant terms and conditions before submission of tender/quotation. No request for change of price due to whatever reasons will be entertained after closing of tender/request for quotation. Please click the links below for details.


(II) Suppliers are required to observe below terms and conditions when they accept HKUST's Purchase Orders and/or Contracts, whether they are incorporated or otherwise. Please click the links below for details.


Contractors Working on Campus during COVID-19

Starting 1 September 2021, the University requires all members and regular contractors/visitors entering the Clear Water Bay (CWB) campus to be either vaccinated or to conduct bi-weekly COVID-19 testing.

Workers, staff or personnel of contractors who work regularly on CWB campus (i.e. those who work more than two consecutive days) are required to conform with the above requirements, failing which they will not be allowed to enter the campus.  All resulting and related charges including, amongst others, fees for conducting regular testing or the costs of purchasing test-kits are to be borne by the contractors.

The University reserves the full and absolute rights to review and revise the vaccination/regular testing requirements at any time as it considers necessary or appropriate. By submitting a tender / quotation, the contractors agree and undertake to comply with the aforesaid requirements, and to procure full compliance thereof by its workers, staff and personnel.

Provision for Delivery Performance of Computing & Technology Supply

On time delivery is utmost important for purchases in particular for fast changing products such as computing and technology supply.  Suppliers are requested to deliver according to agreed schedule.

Suppliers will be removed from the University's Supplier List if :

  • The University experiences continued poor delivery performance, e.g. repeated delays in delivery, sub-standard quality, poor and delayed installation service after delivery etc.
  • The Supplier fails to comply with the required delivery schedule will be inactive over a period of three years, and subsequently be removed from the supplier lists.  


Integrity and Corruption Prevention Guide on Managing Relationship with Public Servants

Suppliers shall note that employees of the University are designated "public servant" under the provision of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance (Cap. 201 of the Law of Hong Kong). The policy of the University requires all its employees to avoid any conflict between their personal interest and the University's interest in dealing with suppliers and all other organizations or individuals doing or seeking to do business with the University.

Notes for Suppliers

Additional notes for suppliers can be found via this link: https://puro.hkust.edu.hk/notes-to-suppliers